Twice Blessed

March 10, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Two PuckersStill life of two lemons How has winter been in your hometown? Were you stuck inside most of the time because of weekend snowstorms and icy, snow blown roads? It has been a crazy winter in western Pennsylvania this year. It seemed like it snowed six to eight inches every weekend. If you wanted to do any winter photography, you definitely needed a four-wheel drive or a machine made to go in the snow.

Still life photography has been my go-to mode of operation over the past few months. No trekking through the snow and ice, and no worries about getting stuck and stranded. I remained comfy home.

This past Saturday was one of those days that I found myself at home, alone, with everyone else having to go to work. It was wonderful. (Can you hear the Hallelujah Chorus right here?) Hubby and daughter left for work and left me to my photo-taking and supper-cooking day. There were really no expectations for that particular afternoon, other than dinner at 5.

I spent a couple of hours working on still life, flowers first. After the flowers, I moved to food: lemons, limes, garlic. I played for a while, thoroughly enjoying that quiet and creative time. I appreciated the way these foods served as an art form without changing them at all. The way the light fell on them showcased their natural beauty.

As I tidied up the still life project on one side of the kitchen, those foods moved to the cutting board on the other side of the kitchen where they would become a culinary art form (only in my own opinion). Cooking is nothing new to me, I have fed the little chirping mouths in my home for many years, but I have never looked at food quite this way before. It went from being one art form, a blessing to the eyes, to another art form, a blessing to the body. My day turned into a wonderfully holistic experience of being amazed by something as ordinary as a lemon.

I urge you to try it! Go to the fresh vegetable and fruit aisle in your grocery store and pick out the most beautiful foods that you can find. ( You may want to shop right before you plan on taking photos so that the fruits and veggies are as fresh as possible.) Find an appropriate backdrop and light source that will compliment your subjects...and click away. Move them around, change the lighting. Have fun! Notice how wonderfully made and beautiful they are! How great is our God to supply us with such beauty!

Now, change the focus, change the art form. Take those gorgeous foods that your eyes feasted on and let your body be blessed.






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