My photographic journey began many years ago. Out of high school, I purchased my first SLR and played for a while. The camera went by the wayside as I and my husband raised our three children. Fast forward to about 8 years ago, my family gave to me my first DSLR for my birthday. There has been no turning back! The digital world opened my eyes and gave me the freedom to take as many pictures as I wanted.

The location that we live in also gives me many opportunities to get the camera out often. We have lived for 28 years in Parker, which is right along the Allegheny River in western Pennsylvania. The river and the woodlands that border our home area are always great locations to visit with the camera. Because of the railroad use along the rivers here, we are blessed with many beautiful bike trails. Hubby and I found it rather easy to complete over 200 miles last summer, with a goal of 1000 miles this summer!

Taking photos is not simply an action that involves a camera. It is spiritual for me. I feel that I am called to it, and crave the communion that I have with my Heavenly Father while I am out and about in nature. My soul is nurtured by the gifts that He gives me through this process called photography.

Please contact me if you are interested in a photo session. I would love to talk to you.